Inkaar is the beast ever script written yet

Aik Baar Hai Inkaar!And The Script Is Damdaar!

Talking about the drama industry of industry of Pakistan we will come to know that there are many dramas which are totally based on the social issues but actually very few dramas among them actually work on the hidden realities of every courtroom! Every house,and every educational complex! Gender attraction, effection and deception! Inkaar is changing the scope.

Inkaar Raising The Voice

Where in the history of humanity we have witnessed that someone actually wrote a script which is typically based on the abusive nature of relationships and falacy of the society? This script is rasing the voice that females also have right to love someone! its their body and they have all the rights over themselves!

When a middle class girl who studies at a good educational complex falls in love with a rich hunk! There has to be sex and drugs and things which are not ethically correct! This is what people assume! But no! Love is beyond these shitty concepts. Love is a sketch of lover, love is the voice and the support which one has to show for the person they love!

Here in our culture Inkar is the story of every other girl whether middle class or not! Man thinks that he can use her tear her use her and then expose her!

Same as inkaar, i using this platform would confess that this harassment, torture and abuse had been a part of my life as well! I have suffered thought the worse times of my life because of some stalker who shared dreams with me and sent his tout to share bed with me! Asking for pictures and then using those to harass my self esteem!

Girls like us, we don’t really want our parents to see that we had a love life which not haunts us! So we die a little everyday till someone like Rayan Choudhary comes and dag us with scissors while we get ready for Alter!

I request government of Pakistan to create some law which reserves the rights of a female and gives her protections from these stalker. They are using social platforms to harass us now!

Here is the amazing OST Of Inkaar by Faiza Mujahid ft. Yumnah Zaidi! Dedicated to every stalker! Every bastard who has every played with the emotions of a girl or plans to do that!

Let's take a look at our Option, choice, and obedience!

Option, choice and obedience!

Here is a question that makes me think deep about my life and this depth has left me on the edge of nothing but reality of life that this was all uselessly in vain!

Do we get the opportunity to choose between the options  that are given?


Do we creat our own options and than make a choice amongst them?


Are we the submissive obedient slaves of faith and all those options and situations choose us?

Find The Murderer!

Find The Murderer!

Late night he has a habit of throwing nets towards long hair and the pretty skin. They call him prince charming. I never knew that this was another form of execution! Where people who kill your wishes, dreams and intuitions and sometimes the sense of thinking and feeling as well.

What was my mistake which let the intruder in my heart? i believed upon the theory of love and respect. I believed that there was someone who is looking into it like an artist look upon the paintings in his gallery.

What was the worst part? he not only came to stole my peace himself, he brought other people as well! to make sure the robbery which he is doing is also getting promoted.

After catching my beauty, my peace and my emotions, like the colors of my wings. He threw all that into the filthy mud where he used to dumb all the colors he stole from the hearts of people he used to play!

SO i was not the one right? then why people claim that a women with long hair and soft skin can give her life a chance one time only? why she doesnot have the right on moving on and happiness?

He captured my virtue in his hands and then teased me days and night because he knew how i looked like inside out!

He mocked at my existence and i……

after my death i became numb! i was finding accusing and blaming everyone else!

i went to him and said him ” you the murderer?” he said no! stop accusing me and get a life! your dead heart is non of my concern now!

I knew that this world is never going to accept a women accusing a man for breaking her heart along with the other intruderer! this society will blame her and prove her wrong because this is what it is!

So i stood up assembled the flesh and blood, stitched the remains and i said to him!

Thank you for your help sir, i wont disturb you, let me ring the door next to you and find the murderer.

Review of Ranbir Singh

Kabir Singh! The Thrilling Love Story

People like me who belong to subcontinent have a really typical in fact very different approach towards the concept of love. For us love is not about having a specific time period together. Lover for people like us is a virtue and commitment! Before presenting my review in front of you i would like to explain one thing very clearly. For me literature and movies are form of arts. They dont have to get linked with a specifitc ethinicity, society, region or religion. There is a huge repect for all types of expressions which shows different emotions and actions of love

Next thing is the review of Kabir Singh. We know that this Kabir Singh is the Bollywood version of Arjun Ready. This movie revolves around the breakup story of kabir Singh. I wont go into the useless details but here i would emphasis that why only medical students love stories get massive importance?

We see that doctors marry doctors? i dont know why a girl who is studying psychology is never approached by any senior or classmate.

Anyhow this topic needs another article to get explanation.

Now Let’s talk about the cinematography

Well i must say that directors and producers have invested their time thoroughly in the creation of such an epic film. Where as the story is concerned it revolves around a girls prity who ditches Kabir and gets married to another guy,

Movie is so engaging that you wont believe what happened in the end! This whole story will take you to another planet where each one of us has been through this phase! The pretty Preety and the angry are now in the heart of audience.Film is earning well is cinema and we as Pakistanis wish we could get a chance to watch it in cinema as well.

Talking about the songs of the film, The sequence of songs From bekhyali to Sohneya make you go in love with every symphony and each word or lyrics!

We need such movies and story lines! Keep up the good work team Kabir singh and enjoy the fruit!


My pretty obsessive stalker

I wish we were talking

Because you are still stalking

Or is this just my illusion

Imagination, may be hallucination

That we are not blocking eachother

This is annoying and frustrating

My dear stalker!

May you find another lover to stalk

May you have days and nights with her to talk!

May you get happiness you deserve

May you get all the love which was reserved!

You always complaint that i am lost

You always complaint my words should have your slot

For you i was enough to discover

My crazy stalker, in between this process

I broke, I learnt, and I experienced, I loved

I forgot what happened between us

I remember that there was *us*

I love the time we had together

The revenge of the sweetest hatred!

There is nothing much i can express

This poem is not meant for you to get depressed

Its a note from a well wisher

May you find happiness and blessing

my pretty obsessive stalker!

when you trust

How They Break Your Trust?

Trust is typically a very authentic word! When you trust someone, you are not just believing on their part of the story but you are actually investing in their part of the tale!

Ayesha Khan

Well i am not going to drag the definition of trust because at least people who are reading this knows pretty well what actually believing someone is! Now the point which i am going to share with you is the velocity of deception!

Velocity of Deception!

Actually velocity of deception not just counts in the tendency of pain which any one of us suffered when people broke pour trust! it also includes all the reasons and the choice of humans we make in our life,

Deceiving someone is easy when you have more options which are better than the person you are planning to break! it’s even more easier when you have that perfect excuse of not loving a person and hating their flaws instead!

How can a person know that the person they love the most is going to break their trust?

  • That person will never explain their actions
  • They will never objectify your deeds
  • They have zero interference in your life
  • They have the typical mood swings
  • They only want to stay connected and distant
  • They never share their life with you and they are not interested to be a part of your life as well!

How to survive their deception?

Block them! not entirely but be unconcerned, talk less and ignore more! Trust me it kills toxic people when you are not effected by their actions! 

Pakistani cricket team in ICC world up 2019

Worldcup 2k19 and Nature Of Pakistani Cricket Team!

This has never been as oblivious as it is right now, talking about the daily news there is one thing which seems very vulnerable and that is the nature of  Pakistani cricket team. They can win anything! like anything and they can get defeated by India!

Well if we see the symmetry of triumphs and the defeats we will see that there are possibly many reasons which back the fact that Pakistani cricket team is unpredictable on the pitch!

Fluctuating confidence

Well, when we see Pakistan facing India there is a different sort of pressure which might be the cause of effecting our Team’s confidence! But the thing to consider is that NZ was one of the best teams in ICC world cup, beaten by non, defeated by Pak!  and our neighbours supported us!



Black magic!

Is it possible the black magic from some supernatural source which is turning the scenarios from 2019 to 1992! Well, why are we experiencing the same situations then!





No this is an out of syllabus question! there could be anything but gambling. This is one of the most unappreciated acts and we have seen our cricket getting out of it!

But on a very lighter note! I found this CBM Comic Meme and this made my day!


Anyhow there are semi-finals and finals still left for the Pakistani cricket team to prove themselves in front of the world!

Let’s see what happens!

What is sacrifice?

There are certain points in our lives when living is the only option left. These few stops make you realize that sometimes breathing is a sacrifice!


Have you ever thought of someone who made you understand the meaning of life goes far far away and you can’t do anything about it?

Ultimately when you don’t have the way to bring them back and you have to live with thia realiaty that there is nothing you can do to even see their face for once!

your every breath is a sacrifice!

have you imagined how painful it is to see people you love, loving someone else and unconditionally you get neglected!

you can’t confess and you can’t even object their decision because you don’t want to make them suffer what you are suffering!

this is where your all life is just a big dilemma of being rejected and regret of not being able to question them!

this is sacrifice!

Have you even imagine what actually life is?

it’s the tendency of pain which is pitched to our existence, making us realize that whatever we are doing is just a sacrifice!

Wo Door Hy

Wo Door hy,

dekhnay mai kaafi ba_shaoor hy

Beshak hum mai aik parda, aik beaks sa ayina hy

wo dekhnay mai tou chand hy

chand sa hi mashoor hy!

Per wo door hy!

kabhi bad e saba us tk mera pegham na ly ky gaee

kabhi us ki wo awaaz haqeeqat na ban saki.

Lgta hy izhaar kerna meri aik bhool hy

Jesay band ki hui hoon dil ki khirkiyaan magroor ny

phr andazay lgana hi meray dil ka manshoor hy!

Q ky wo mjh sai door hy!